Monday, April 12, 2010

Defying the Laws of Gravity

Easter Sunday 2010 at "The Milk and Honey House"

Yours truly looking as if he's getting ready to fall flat on his back during a dizzying, whirling dervish zeibekiko. A bit before this photo was taken, our party was pleasantly invaded by a trio of itinerant Rom musicians whose lively music entertained us until they had had enough food and wine (plus the obligatory "tip") to spirit them away to their next stop. Opa, manges!

This next photo I have aptly and lovingly captioned “Invoking My Muse”— Eleni demonstrating that some women are equal to men when it comes to dancing the zeibekiko, though some rebetika purists disagree, and insist that the zeibekiko was and should remain a dance performed only by men and by only one man at a time at that.


  1. Pretty clever, keeping that skateboard out of view! Between your near disaster and Eleni’s style and grace, the universe is intact for another day.

  2. To tell the truth, I did fall flat on my face after these pictures were taken, but mercifully the only damage was to my bruised ego!

  3. Just great Greek Easter; nothing else to say but: next time we should be with you!

  4. Peter,

    We will be here........but will you?


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