Thursday, December 11, 2008


Out walking,

That familiar shaggy stray
Cur straight ahead

Shagging a bitch
On the sidewalk

Coming towards us--
How when passing by,

We all give one another
One last acknowledging

Sidelong glance.


  1. I like the usages of shaggy and shagging. Very creative.

  2. A piercing poem. Fine!

  3. I'm thinking about your title, "Furtive" and how it seems to contrast the poem. I understand furtive to be stealthy, or sneaky. I don't see anything sneaky...except the unspoken look of determining who's in charge--who's the alpha dog--in the poem. Rereading with this in mind, I'm struck by the dance that's going on, everyone waiting to be attacked, longing to be in charge, all the while moving on. Cool.


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