Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Confrontational Vanguard Poetics

Are you reading this? Well,
Nailed to the wall of the derelict 
Latrine next to the yellowed stool, 
A rusty spike holds all 
The news from the rearguard 
That’s shit to print, you fool.

Moderator’s comments: A close reading of this poem reveals Cinquor’s forte, namely his en garde rapier-like wit deceptively hiding under the surface but always ready to leap forth and revel in exposing the foibles of contemporary verse theory. All well and welcome, of course, but permit me to have my reservations about the intentions behind his pressing yellow attacks on such an  august postmodern body of verse learning. A bit more to the point: Scuttlebutt on the blogosphere has it he’s preparing a tome of his apophthegmata and planning to use this blog as a launching pad. If this is indeed the case, I must impress on him the fact that copyright law dictates I be paid in full, if and when his coprolalia eventually hits the fan. 


  1. Huuk can't help it. Must be all that fig-wort.

  2. Oh, you'll pay, my friend. Trust me!

  3. just reading this while taking
    my morning shit and thinking:

  4. 'Nuff said, gentlemen, and thanks! BTW, I'll be sending these comments to Huuk, along with the debut issue of Defecation Reflex, which is (according to the editors’ mission statement) “an explosive and absorbing new upfront poetry magazine designed to blow the britches off the asinine mainstream poetry establishment.”


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