Thursday, January 16, 2014

Know Thyself

Trying times aside, why 
Can’t I be more of you? 

It would help us both 
To see us through. 


  1. The oddest thing: with certain poems, a simple momentary misreading resulting in the permutation of a word or two seems to create a second (or alternate?) poem, read as if "through" the first.

    (Now the fact that these permutations often seem to be caused by certain visual and possibly mental impairments... well er, let's not dwell overmuch thereon.)

    In any case (dithered the enfeebled codger), here is the permutation that occurred with this intriguing entry:

    It would help us both
    To see through us.

    Oh well, just saying.

  2. One codger to another, your permutation was the one at the back of my mind but at the last minute I decided to use mine for the sake of rhyme! How's that for a sellout?

  3. yeah !

    sometimes it's not so easy
    being myself, too.


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