Sunday, January 19, 2014

For the Time Being

No cause for alarm— 
When you wake 

The rest of your life 
Will have dawned 

On you, just sleep tight. 


  1. Vassilis,

    the Philosopher in you appears! I just read this in an Introduction to Schelling's The Ages of the World: "The generativity or procreativity of Being is the generativity or procreativity of time. Nature, Being is the autogenerativity of absolute space (eternity), manifesting (ironically)as time, as a self-composing poem (the auto-production or autopoiesis), writing itself in the theatre of thinking."

    Only in the "auto-production" of the Poem can an instant of awakening reveal the Being of eternity.

  2. Now there's a voice for wonder and fear. You've a great sense for the old oneiric machinery, Vassilis.

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  5. oppppps..... Doan-trang IS Stone Girl

  6. Conrad,

    I never thought such a “lightweight” offering would garner such interesting remarks and I haven’t read that much philosophy to be able to see if my poem is an example of Schelling’s autopoiesis; however, I am reminded of what Carl Rakosi says when he compares poets and philosophers: “The poet is more modest than the ancient philosopher: he doesn’t claim that what he has thought out is the ultimate reality. On the other hand, what philosopher would be so foolish and pretentious as to claim that philosophy is what some poets claim poetry is, prophecy?”

    As for my oneiric machinery, Duncan, if I could remember more of what I dream, perhaps it might make more sense! On the other hand, not having the magnitude of troubles that Tom unfortunately has, it seems I have less trouble sleeping than he does, which might explain how much better his poems are than mine.

    Downloaded the link, Ed and am all set to start my search—thanks. BTW, Rae Dawn Chong is one of the actresses in this film.

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  8. Aww, heavy stuff must be happening here... you can always tell from the tell-tale acrid after-haze formed by vaporized deletions... ...and just when we were getting to the Canadian Natural Remedies!!

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