Sunday, January 12, 2014

Huuklyeand Cinquor on the Polemics of Poetics

It was said that because he had been blessed 
With an impersonal peaceful nature, he had nothing 
To do with launching personal attacks demeaning 
Any fellow poetic character; that he preferred 
To remain on neutral ground, a strange sort 
Of angelic no man’s land where the twilight was 
So ambiguous you could not make out where 
The next deadly round was coming from. 

Moderator’s comments: Toeing the postmodernist line to near faultless perfection, Cinquor craftily avoids any hint of (dis)closure here but the poet in question must surely be a practitioner of blank verse, right? 


  1. Cinquor,

    run for the hills when both postmodernist poets and preachers offer us blessedly neutral grounds.I speak from experience!

  2. There's that natural tendency to relax in the presence of blank verse. Chicks dig it, you can get away with anything.

    Just be sure to hint meaningfully of turning it into a permanent position.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. As long as one didn’t have to show his/her face on the killing fields surrounding Parnassus, the thought of a permanent position with plenty of perks (including lifetime membership in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Deadening Poets) would be most welcome, would it not?

  5. doesn't quite work that way.... the universal swing these days seems to be a stepping into another (what ? the 5 th one?) protestant revolution ... and it s accompanying Reign of Terror. Read Shlain's THE ALPHABET VERSUS THE GODDESS .... especially the last 3 chapters and his epilogue....

  6. Finally found a link with no strings attached and downloaded Shlain's book as a PDF file; BTW, my comments above were not meant to be taken literally but with tongue-in- cheek.

  7. you mean a-tell-me that that book is on the net as a pdf in it s entirety ? Study just out via, I think, Stanford that : viewing things/reading things on all of these electronic devices is "frying" our brains .... and worst { liver-worst a terrific metaphor for our present state of affairs; mush-meat enwrapped in plastic ! an email at-chugh follows.

  8. thanks for the link :

    thank gawd I got the REAL book ! Tried to look over this pdf and? what a waste of time spent scrolling to peruse. No wonder our World Society are becoming illiterates !

    OPPPS ! wrong link: here is Shlain's book ( en toto):

    OPPS again.... got to delete you to get back to the net ...or to my 'bookmark'



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