Sunday, December 1, 2013

Poets That Dance Revived

I want to thank Annie Wyndham for her latest blog entry; I’m grateful she took the time to not only say some nice things about my poetry but also to write some of her own in the process. Annie spent some time in Northern Greece quite a few years back and she retains an avid interest in anything Greek—especially the music—so it was doubly satisfying to see her include a rare (but nothing-to-rave-about) video of a not-so-successful “whirling-dervish-of-a-poet” tripping the not-so-light fantastic to the rhythms of a classic rembetiko song! My turn to say in the language that’s still close to her heart— “Ευχαριστώ, Αννούλα, για την αγάπη σου”. 


  1. you do 'got the moves',
    one can actually see
    dance & song/music does in fact
    precede written language

    thanks for the nod towards your friend, too... her
    Salamander Cove is about as good as an online mag gets... must be the strong
    editorialist ... where did SC go ?

    p,s, a beautiful stone wall behind you.... that your kitchen ? and the tile floor ... did that replace (or cover up) the black and white stones floor ?

  2. I see here the slow mournful dance as of Orpheus trying to call back his lost wife...Dance of poor misguided spirits everywhere...

    I now see, my friend, where the music in your verses come from

  3. Ed,

    You're right about Salamander Cove; I hope Annie will get it back and wriggling before too long; not my house or kitchen, a friend's--ours is constructed of very old bricks salvaged from a factory chimney stack.


    Thanks for the kind words; I'm fortunate in that my wife is my guiding spirit! wandering too far

  4. $drachma-per-brick must have cost dearly

    this old guy up in Hanover took-down the circa 1723 brick chimney of that house that
    i was restoring (and poems-ing) brick-by-brick-by-brick very carefully.. this was in 1973

    turns out he not only was PAID to take the chimney down ( hand made clay bricks)
    they ended up being sold for an huge $$$$ sum per brick...

    brick and stone abodes/rooms... the Habitats of the Goddesses (and gods, too)...
    Greek and all otherwises ... [ on the various acropolises around Greece are stone structures that I speak towards.... and on the goat-trail leading in and out of Lindos
    was the original little stone hut (above the Bay of St. Paul) that was Paul's (or so the myth goes) abode when he was banished to Rodoz.... last I saw it had been redone and had become an huge money-making tourist attraction: anywayyyyy,

    will look for that "chimney" piece... it's in Restoration Poems


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