Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Poem Should Be (6)

Understood internationally 

Like a Chinese fortune 
Cookie that says 

It’s all Greek to me. 

NB: Hopefully, this poem should need no gloss, but as we're dealing with languages here--and very difficult ones at that--I'd just like to add that when a Greek comes up against something written or said that he/she does not understand, the phrase used is "It's all Chinese to me."


  1. In with Dunc on this.

    Actually I found two poems here.

    The one that consists of the first two lines is brilliant on its own.

    But these meanings change with history, of course. Twenty years ago or twenty years from now -- what would a "Chinese fortune" signify... internationally?

  2. Thanks, you two congenial spirits!

    Speaking of spirits, did you know Infallible Goobloggle (who deleted previous post) medium say: “I see on ticker tape maybe twenty years from now, Chinese fortune mean too many kooky cookies drive poor rich people insane.


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