Thursday, December 5, 2013

If It Grins, Bear It

Like a candle 
Lit gap 

Toothed, marrow-hollowed 
Pumpkin weaned of the mother 
Patch plotting dastardly deeds

Against its seed, 
Keep smiling. 


  1. Nobody breaks a line like you, Vassilis. This is good and sharp to the taste.

  2. When this hard master breaks 'em, they stay broke.

    (Never had a taste for saccharine in any case.)

  3. Thanks, dudes; I find the more lines I break, the number my knuckles get, so I guess my number's coming to the end of its line! :)

  4. The "Jimmy Cagney of Meligalas" thus spake, and even the guards fell silent.

  5. The omnipresent, omniscient Goobloggle thus spake and his bytes bared their teeth and lo! the naked truth was revealed throughout the blogosphere— "Forsooth, Jimmy was 5' 5" inches tall in his birthday suit, the 'Squint-eyed Kid’ 5'4" in long johns!”


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