Monday, April 22, 2013


While the priest drones on and on, 
The beadle plucks still-lit candles 
From the crowded candelabrum, 
Snuffs them out one-by-one 
And drops them dutifully 
Into the recycling bin. 

It has been duly ordained 
None shall be free 
To melt completely when 
Money’s to be made 
From eternal resurrection, 
And the devil still aflame within. 


  1. Well, whoever it was built that proverbial better mousetrap probably had "cult ties". Remembering of course that Marketing Never Sleeps.

    The church administration could always recycle the spent wax blobs into lava lamps for resale.

    But as what we're really discussing here are those perdurable (diabolical) fires that burn from within -- how about turning that pool of melted sacramental goo into a fetching (if not also breathing -- but then you can't have everything) dream girl?

  2. What's that you say, I can't have everything? The hell I can't! In my next life, I'm going to be resurrected as Edison Chen.

  3. well in that next life
    now that the Chinese have taken over Hong Kong and their film Industry..
    just don't get caught with a camera and your pants down


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