Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blooming Motley Crew

See how magenta swabs wide 
Swaths across windswept mustard 
Cliff face bursting with pied 
Splashes of anemones spilling over 
Whitecaps of agitated blue— 

Steady as the craft goes, lads, 
Make your master proud of you. 


  1. The euphoria of a moment of sheer poetic energy that explodes (bursts splashes spills) almost beyond the containment of the linguistic lifeboat.

    All hands on deck!

    Outbreak, uplift, my hearties!

  2. Yes, my hearties, but in the meanwhile see #4.

    And if the soul
    is to know itself
    it must look
    into a soul:*


    The companions died in turn,
    with lowered eyes. Their oars
    mark the place where they sleep on the shore.**

    From the notes to the 1968 edition of Seferis’ Collected Poems, edited by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard:

    *The quotation is from Plato, Alcibiades, 133 B.

    **See Homer, Od. Xi. 75ff.,where the shade of Elpenor, youngest of Odysseus’ companions, asks that his oar be planted on his seashore grave to perpetuate his memory.

  3. The colour is happening down our way again in places but with nothing like this intensity. That magenta against the mustard - brash and bellowing life.


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