Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Listening to Lorine

No puerile wishy-washy 

Wishing, hoping 
To find 

Singular words 
Like hers 

To sound out a life by. 


  1. Her singular words were spoken out; they had quiet force. A real openness in her.

    Nothing wishy-washy here too.

  2. "Washy" and "sound out" remind us how much of her life was spent knee-deep in the endless job of bailing-out -- keeping those small boats which we may think of as lives (mostly other people's, but her own as well of course) afloat, somehow.

    Not much dry land up there among the floods of straitened circumstance... and so much of it always being lost.

    Mother Goose is on Relief (Wisconsin 1936-1939)

  3. Nothing wishy-washy about living under such circumstances, as Lorine's poem and the Vachon/Lee photographs so graphically illustrate. For what it's worth, this was
    one of my first attempts at paying homage to this fine poet.


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