Saturday, February 23, 2013

Unfrocked in the Basilica

The archpriest has a habit 
He tries to keep 

Under wraps, a habit 
He knows is sin— 

To keep the dark side in, 
Wrong-side-out’s the place 

To begin. 


  1. I can only think of a son of a bitch like Maciel, the Vatican 'bag man' close to John Paul II who founded his own order dedicated to the cause of raising money and lived like a debauched Renaissance prince off the proceeds.

  2. Wrong-side-out's the place

    To begin.

    This needs a sense of humour, the one thing Mother Church hasn't got.

  3. re Maciel's "punishment"--A crow will never gouge out another crow’s eyes.

    WB, The Church makes up for its lack of humor by being very serious about overlooking its sins.

  4. And so, quoth the Pope,


    Of this shit.

    I quit.

  5. Oh, Jesus, please not another whodunnit with the butler as culprit--on the other hand, just think what Umberto Eco or Dan Brown could do if they could get their hands on those red books!


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