Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Almost Curtains: Young Tragedienne Trapped in Well

Hearing the frantic goatherd’s cry and before 
We ran to help him raise her and she gamboled off 
To dry in idyllic sun-drenched meadow, I tell you 
Down there she’d been a drowning panicky 
Blatting bobbing waterlogged pandemonium, 
Dog-paddling round stony ring of death accompanied 
By wide-eyed chorus of cacophonous frogs stoically croaking. 


  1. can see this in my Mind's Eye
    even now and from this great
    distance hear sheep's bells

    a camera would have been nice
    to have had on that particular
    walk on the rocky-hill trail back
    from Pefcos... and the smell of

    sheep dung ? thanks... as
    what a poem provokes in reader's
    memory & those fleeting images

    are a solid plinth for a poem or a
    painting/drawing to l e a p
    out from:
    no bout a doubt it !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I can hear the drum, the cymbals and the Pan pipe running through this one. Sweet!

  4. I love that chorus of stoic frogs. I'd like my own troupe to accompany the moments of serious panic.

  5. No pun intended and in all seriousness, we could baptize the troupe and call it "Panic Attack"!

  6. The way those wide-eyed frogs introduce an element of philosophical resignation (it seems they can't help their seeming stoic disposition, any more than they can help seeming wide-eyed, that's how they're made -- but still), just at the last minute, saves the day.

  7. Aha, a deus ex machina! I'm sure Euripides would have approved but as he was one of Aristophanes' favorite foils--exasperating, to say the least, especially when they carry on like this.


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