Sunday, February 6, 2011


Photograph taken in winter about twenty years ago with my ancient Miranda. A five-minute drive uphill and due west from my village of Remmatia, Chrisova, or Chrisotopos ("Golden Place")--its modern name--is a collection of approximately 20 houses, half of which have been abandoned by their owners who have departed for Athens and other more metaphorical worlds, as has this old woman lugging who knows what into the waiting fog. 

The small, black dirigible getting ready to crash into the bare mulberry tree is a memento left behind by the somewhat careless photographer who developed the picture and who has also taken off for a more perfect world.


  1. It might almost have been a leaf. Beautiful.

  2. 'departed for Athens and other more metaphorical worlds', made me smile ... and Miranda, what a wonderful sounding word (and a nostalgic camera - i used to have a Kiev - a Contax knockoff of that same vintage, i think) ...

    this is a beautiful shot of a moody landscape and UFO.

  3. Wild Bill,

    Left to itself, your imagination leaves nothing to be desired.


    Not only a wonderful sounding word but a camera that took wonderful pictures: I still have it, but finding film for it is as easy as spotting a UFO!

    Thanks to the both of you for dropping by from your respective worlds.

  4. Wonderful scene, Vasillis. (I thought that was a blimp or UFO, too, when I first looked at it.) I am enjoying visiting Greece again, through your photos. ευχαριστώ!!

  5. Annie,

    Stretching my imagination just a wee bit, I can almost see the expression on this woman's face as she catches a glimpse of this unidentified flying object reconnoitering the environs looking for the perfect place to settle down!=:0)

  6. what about the woman? who is she, a relative or an unknown person? did she collect firewood or what? would she still be alive? Did you take the picture because of the tree or because of her?
    like so many old photogrpahs taken a long time ago it poses more questions than that it gives us answers.y


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