Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tainted: Remembering the Bush Years

Nothing erases

An era

Like an aura

Of indelible ink



  1. Can I respond just like this

    Sobering. And it makes me pound my fist.

    There are my own stories that lie here in and around G. Bush's terms as I lived in the States during his first term, and I have been stupefied as to how the general population has been swayed this way and that. Now I live in Canada and observe the sway again. It is spooky.

    Yesterday my son, who is eight, showed me a drawing he made a year or so ago. It is of a coin. On the coin is a man with a mohawk, wielding two large kinked guns which resemble swastikas, and because of his mouth, he is clearly angry and mad. It says, 1942, The United States of Amarica. At the top of the coin my son writes New Coin, but this is crossed out to say Old Coin, oh yah! And at the bottom of the page he writes, This coin is made by: Gorg Stinking Bush! Ok, his drawing made me laugh and it made me afraid as well. He has taken varied images and dates and truths and perhaps half truths/masked truths, perhaps falsities altogether, and made them into a dense coin. He was seven when he drew this and has saved it. It is important to him. And on all of this I wonder.


  2. Erin and Conrad,

    I was "lucky" enough to be living in Greece during the entire reign of Dubya but the stench was so strong that I swear I could smell it here; "the people"--once a phrase one could be proud of--now signifies nothing so much as a deluded body politic swaying from one corrupt leader to another in hopes of latching on to whatever it is they think has eluded them so far--what an illusion.

  3. I am really not looking forward to seeing him again in the news now that his book is out. That he'll probably go down in history as one of the worst presidnets ever is no consolation.

  4. Kevin,

    Why is it that in the good old USA, even spiritually bankrupt former presidents get a second chance to strike it rich using a variety of materialistic ploys?


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