Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Racked by pain, still
The innocent wheel-
Chairs swear on

A campaign

Against a mounting
Stack of dog-eared bibles,
Everyone gets the picture—

Nothing's framed.

NB: Lest we forget, today marks the 37th anniversary of the beginning of the fall of the infamous junta that ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974. 


  1. I am very glad that both Papadopoulos & Ioannidis died in prison.

    Here, in Spain, we had the shameful "amnesty" by which the army, the police, the catholic church (who strongly supported Franco), the judges (who exerted the judicial power during the dictatorship and kept on doing it when democracy was back in Spain, with no remorses), the bureaucrats, the civil servants, avoided being punished for responsabilities on long-term sentences, tortures and murders that people against Franco suffered. The founder of the main Spanish right-wing party, Manuel Fraga, was a minister during the dictatorship and he is now a senator. This is a great shame, no one in Spain has been judged against crimes during the dictatorship (1939-1975). And all because they wanted to avoid another civil war. The Greek people can be very proud of how the junta fell.

  2. I think the majority of the Greek people are very proud of how the junta fell; fewer are proud of what happened to the generation which helped it fall, as quite a few of the "Polytechnic Generation" ended up as members of the establishment, either as politicians and/or high-ranking civil servants, more intent on looking after their own self-interests rather than the welfare of the Greek people in general: A familiar story?


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