Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Near brimming candlelit cemetery
Under a waning winter moon—

Ring of barrels emptied of lime
Next to an ashen shovel, light.


  1. Wow!

    What an incredible poem as the year is about to end.

    It reads perfectly, aloud, and visually is also remarkable. That ring of barrels a sort of otherworldly monument, moonlit, and the silence there without needing to be mentioned.

    Some time you should put together a group of your pieces that are about, in one way or another, light. It would be wonderful to see them together.

    The more times I read this poem the more I see.

  2. I can only echo John's and William's praise, Vassilis. Happy New Year!

  3. Two of the words and one of the images, for me, have multiple meanings. John is right, Vassilis. It would make a wonderful collection.

  4. Your poetry is so powerful and evocative. I can only reiterate the comments above. You must put together a collection. You have such a talent.

    This one especially seems apt for the coming new year, which seems to be on everyone's mind. I hope yours is special.

  5. Dear friends,

    What a way to end 2009--with readers such as you. Your comments are indeed generous and I thank all of you. As for John's suggestion about putting together a collection of poems touching on light, that can be my New Year's Resolution. Speaking of 2010, may it be all of what you wish it to be!


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