Monday, November 2, 2009


High above the ruins
Of Ancient Messene
And below the lone village restaurant,
There is a haggard dog chained
To a large, earthenware jar.

His view of this once-rich
City is indeed magnificent, truly
Uplifting to the spirit, but
As he knows it by heart,
He prefers to sit on his haunches

And turn his back on it,
Looking up instead for any sign
Of the bones he prays the gods
Might find it in their hearts
To throw down to him.


  1. Hey—I'm that dog. And you ... instead of a bone you toss me a poem. Delicious!

  2. Joe,

    You old dog, you! Now I'll have to entreat(!) the gods once more and you and I know just how unpredictable they can be--what if they send down a lightning bolt instead?


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