Friday, May 22, 2020

Shall We Gather By The Ditch, Pilgrims

Don’t ask from on high
Where your next
Poem’s coming from,

Muddled ones, just look
To where it’s going
To let you down



  1. Ah yes, we SHALL gather! Wonderful poem. It is akin to Randall Jarrell's definition of the novel: ". . .a novel is a prose narrative of some length that has something wrong with it."

    As for "pilgrim," it can mean (among other definitions)"someone who travels to a holy place that is important in their religion" and/or "someone who visits a place because it is connected with someone or something that is important to them." The crucial thing is that it matters, is important. Poetry has been important to Vassilis Zambaras for over 50 years now! And humility, as expressed in this poem, is one of many admirable traits of Zambaras poems.

  2. Ah, yes--so eloquently expressed--and I do thank you for that-- but in all honesty, can we say this pilgrim's work has progressed?


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