Friday, June 22, 2018

Getting Comfortable With Trying To Write Like Someone Whose Poetry You Really Like

--for J.L., master locksmith

Say he’s called 
Jim (though that’s not his 
Real name) and you want 
To sound a lot like him, 

So after reading reams 
And reams of almost 
Everything he’s written, 
You try your hardest 

To unlock the mystery 
Of his poetic mastery, even 
Using many of his words 
In the same order he does, 

Though you’re extra 
Careful not to be too exact, 
Because in all fairness 
To the poem 

And to your suffering 
Self, what comes out 
Has to be yours and clearly 
Not someone else’s—how 

Else could you live with it?


  1. Perfect. Oh how I've been there...

  2. Yep, more than likely the first stop many of us have made while riding high on The Pegasus Express! :)

  3. Ah yes, the suffering. Fine poem, Mr. Zambaras!

  4. Suffering Succotash, my friend!


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