Monday, June 4, 2018

74-Year-Old Strange Bird Approaching Twilight Landing Zone

I'm so 
Old I remember when I was 
A twelve-something Mister 
Cool thinking someone 
Fortyish was a stumbling fossil, 
And an octogenarian was 
A dodo on its last legs 
Attempting an emergency 
Landing with no landing gear. 


  1. Buck up, my dear young man, and keep in mind the appalling truth, that it only gets worse later, some have said.

    A dodo on its last legs may also be allowed to continue nay even aggravate its curious sad lurching dream life, for a mercifully brief period, others have further suggested!

  2. Sad but true, dear friend, so please humor me as I dwell on a precious moment from my distant past (when I was about one-and-twenty) and it was a very good year for flipping out on birds in general.


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