Thursday, May 24, 2018


“The commune of Poetry becomes so real that [the poet] sounds each
particle in relation to parts of a great story he knows will never be completed.” 
--Robert Duncan, Bending the Bow 

The dynasty 

Of Song, tangible as 
The word sounds— 

In this instance 
Joyous, a small 

Round, reddish-orange 
Object plucked 

From a mandarin’s 


  1. So beautiful, plucked from the mandarin Duncan's bough. His work fascinates and frustrates me, always has, but there's no doubt of his position in the commune: high enough to invite comment and quirky enough to make commentators say some very silly things about him.

  2. Thanks for tasting this little one, Joseph; for what it's worth,it so happens I also share your feelings about Duncan and calling him a "mandarin" is spot on. :)


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