Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Recycling for Obstinate Dummies

Let me try 

Breaking it down for you 
Once and for all— 

Environmental waste is what remains 
When we take everything 

We want from the earth 
And leave nothing 

But our stinking remains. 


  1. The blinding truth and multiple applicability of this are increased exponentially (is that really a word??) if one mistakenly reads "Experimental" in place of "Environmental", as happened here just now -- though admittedly that error may be at least in part attributable to the swarm of tiny yet perceptible neural triggers released by the appearance, in the clouded southern region of the diminished field of vision (also known as "the corner of the eye"), of the name of th'immortal bard o' the Great Philadelphia Money Keystone, darling princeling of Permanent Experimentalism, HC himself, ardent polluter of common sense.

    Ageing if not raging, fight on, forever-trending Penn Clowns, for the honour of a prominent position in the TOC of StraitJacket3!! We'll look forward to seeing (and smelling) your stinking remains in every official academic bin, dumpster, library, conference and corresponding venue until nothing remains of your remains but the Malibu Money, buying the little wiggly worms a cube hotel in the Afterlife for Dummies!


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