Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hopeless Romantic Aspirant

It appears 
I have no worldly ambitions 
In the least, at least that’s what 
My discerning, highly 
Esteemed colleagues mostly 
Accuse me of, and I suspect 
They are right—after all, 
All I’ve ever wanted is 
To make myself comfortable 
Before a blank piece of paper 
And make believe 
It’s my whole world. 


  1. A fine poem! The title works well with it, especially "Aspirant" -- keep aspiring and keep writing!!!

  2. Thank you, John--and rest assured, I shall keep aspiring/writing till I've expired. :)

  3. Lovely notion, and one I share ; not a hack but a true writer. Comfortable before the blank page.

  4. Comfortable. . . . . .but with stretches of uncomfortable silences in between. :)


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