Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Massive Poetic Time Bomb Missive

Dear Tom, Dick and Harry:

Strange you should ask 
What it is that makes us 
Tick—and boy have you 
Ever got me there— 

But I do want you 
To note that 
No sooner do 
We think we’re close 

To taking apart that 
Blankety-blank clock 
Than the alarm goes off— 
No time 

To gather the odd 
Bits and pieces, no 
Time for no 
Bodies like us 

To even blink, 
Let alone think. 


  1. Fortunately, this fine poem slowed me down some and made me think. Then I read it again. Then a third time. And what I found was that I had gained time in which to think. If you see what I mean...

    1. Yes, I do. Based on what you say, I gather you wasted no time on dismantling it. :)


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