Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn of My Mother-in-Law

In straight- 
Backed chair, crumpled 

Wispy hands on lap, 
Mind gone 

To the rocky hills and sheep 
She used to tend to 

On the slopes spring 
To summer behind 

The village up here, now 
All behind her she waits 

For the fog to lift 
For a glimpse 

Of winter approaching 
In the lowland 

Meadows that must be 
Somewhere she says—slowly 

Lifting her right arm 
And pointing 

Straight ahead— 
Down there


  1. Perfectly beautiful and affecting, Vassilis. Oh my.

  2. Oh, aye. They must be down there somewhere. I can almost see them now.

  3. Dear Joseph and Tom--good of you to drop by to pay homage to Urania--thank you.


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