Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Privatization of the Self

"Let every soul submit himself 
Unto the authority of the higher powers. 
There is no power but of God. 
The powers that be are ordained of God". 
 --Romans 13.1 


To make it worthwhile 
For the powers 

To be you have to 
Put in long hours down

A dark mine shaft deep 
In the heart 

Of the heart 
Of what is no longer 

God’s country 
And be forever 



  1. No shit! I think of you daily, Vassilis, and your suffering countrymen and women, with the jackboot of Capital on your necks. Is the euro so important? Was the drachma such a bitter currency? (The euro is the currency of bitterness, it seems to me.) What about Greece's forgiveness of German debt in 1953? The problem is that Angela Merkel had been born yet; she leaped out of the womb helmeted in a Spam tin and brandishing a red pen a year later. Anyway, the outrage in this poem is not only understandable but necessary. The spirit of Brecht in Meligalas!

  2. Thanks, Joe for your support and solidarity towards the Greek people in this lopsided struggle to lessen the shackles of Germanic spearheaded austerity. If this is what Europe has come to, perhaps it's time for some Europeans to do some serious soul searching to find out why.

  3. Too right. It's one thing to submit to the powers to be but when they're so bloody badly dressed...

  4. One thing the past five years of enforced Greek austerity has revealed about the Teutonic hordes' power diplomacy is that you can't be naked assholes forever.


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