Monday, July 13, 2015

Air of Acquiescence

Their slender stalks fastened 
With twine to thin reeds stuck 
In a brown, earthenware pot, 

The blood-red carnations nod 
In accord with each blustering gust, 
All the while suffusing the air 

They breathe 
With redolent dyes 
Of thick, heady musk. 


  1. Intoxicating. Melancholy. Sorrowful. Exhausted. Resigned. Greece... may be broke, but still has poetry.

    Like love... What money can't buy.

  2. "We need as many incorruptible friends as possible--especially in these dire times where the world's bankers are banking on us to swallow their line."

    --Huukleyeand Cinquor


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