Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Faux News on the Air (In Cracker Boxes Everywhere)

No more pussyfooting round— 

(I tell you the news is right) 
There in front of you

(Inglorious color) 
And not in black,

(Just white), like 
You folks like it so 

(Get cracking, right?)


  1. Vassilis! You float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. A crackerjack poem....

  2. Thanks, Joe! Oops, I almost forgot--here's the latest news.


  3. That's the only kind of news crackers want in their boxes. Duh. "We tortured some folks". Some friends, some faux, some can't tell the difference. Meanwhile... Further explorations of found poems in card catalogues, live at eleven.

    (By the by, is 97.2% more than half?)

  4. Ah, to be a sylvan living in Sylvania, a happy and carefree spirit never to be crushed by the sound of a car driven by a poet found crashing into a tree.


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