Friday, December 19, 2014

Ex Libris Vazambam

With all the time in the world 
At nine months short of three, 
My granddaughter tells me 
She’s going to follow 
In my footsteps and read 
All the books in my library. 

Looking back at how 
Haplessly I fell 
Short of that goal, I do hope 
She doesn’t take after me— 
For better or worse, 
Let my feat remain 

No small consolation 
I won’t be round to see. 


  1. Sweet and true, amigo. It is the fate of grandfathers to set a high bar based on the illusion of wisdom. Ah, well....

  2. An even more elusive target when the sharpshooter happens to be short-sighted and all of 5' 3"--just like me. :)


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