Sunday, February 2, 2014

R.I.P. Sebastian Barker (1945-2014)

I just got a call this morning from the poet Hilary Davies informing me that her husband Sebastian Barker passed away in London. A fine poet and dear friend, he shall be sorely missed. Here he is with wife and friend in happier days in the house he built and loved so much in the village of Sitochori, Greece. 

You can hear Sebastian reading from his poetry as well as finding out more about his rich and creative life at the link below.


  1. My condolences to you, Vassilis, on the passing of your friend.

  2. the three songs/psalms at the bottom
    my introduction to your friend...
    I am impressed with that in just these three piece
    he has embraced the "just what is" of ....
    everything ?

    I don't know...

    there is something about
    islands and stones

    that gets us towards our centers...

    made of an history
    of a form
    his own

    this I glean from just these three poems....

    and the title of his book

    hang in, Ed

  3. Thanks, Ed. If Sebastian could have seen your comments about his poetry, I’m sure he would have said “Spot on!”


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