Thursday, October 10, 2013

Déjà Vu

Any time now, the alarm 
Clock that’s melting 
And running off the bed- 
Side table like candle 
Wax will go off 
Just as you reach 
Over to turn 
It off and try 
To go back 
To sleep. 

Any time now 
But not this time— 
That burnt-out 
Dream you’re stuck in 
Won’t let you go back 
To sleep again. 


  1. Any time now
    But not this time—

    The conditional and the promissory, always such portent-laden realms...

    This brace of lines kept bringing me back to read again, and again, until I almost felt I'd been in this place before.

  2. Portent laden is right.

    Being what is politely described as a light sleeper, this one hit a nerve.

  3. A recurrent dream/nightmare I first had years ago when I was a grad student at the University of Washington—I would always dream I awoke and try to turn off an alarm clock that strangely enough had started melting as soon as I touched it; the really strange thing is that whenever I saw the dream over the years, it would always be the same but the venue would change according to where I happened to be sleeping at the time, so I have the feeling that I was actually awake during the dream rather than dreaming it. BTW, I haven’t seen it for years.

  4. For many years I had a somewhat similar experience of a recurrent dream/nightmare which originated in my curious Cold War era ROTC career. I was the world's worst soldier, and the anxieties re. inspections -- the shining-up of the brass, the spit-polishing of the shoes, the cleaning of the rifle -- haunted my nights for a long time afterward. I'd awaken bolt upright in panic, worrying about the lack of gleam on my uniform buttons.


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