Friday, June 21, 2013

Who Else Out There Thought Facebook Was Only Going to Be a Passing Phase?

Friends, say you posted 

The full moon is like a poem 
That moves you— 

Could you wait around a month for it 
To become marble so you could feel 

Moved enough to like it again? 


  1. Now that it has become possible to understand in somewhat greater detail the essential role of Facebook in the processes of (a) turning human beings into moronic have-a-nice-day-and-like-me-while-you're-doing-it robots; and (b) in the course of achieving (a), funding the election of the Your-Business-Is-Now-Our-Business President... all one can ask is Hey, what's not to like about "liking"?

    After all, the only thing Facebook wants out of you is your metadata, as we learned in the recent barrage on the subject from the big guns of the redoubtable Battleship Di-Fi .

    But don't underestimate the extraordinary power of metadata.

    To get a sense of how this works:

    A Guardian Guide to Your Metadata

    Facebook played an essential role in putting O'B in the big office. What can he do now but show his gratitude -- in so many, many ways. Including tossing the US Constitution right out the window. But oh well -- just more metadata, probably. Like the proverbial ton of feathers. Caviare to the generals.

  2. What’s that, you say? Metadata? Metaphorically speaking, it sounds Greek to me.


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