Monday, June 3, 2013

I, As in "Nothinglikeness"

I once wrote 
A poem ending 
With a word I made up— 


I wanted it to be 
About light and how light 
Would be if light were like 

A void 

And I found myself leaping 
Out of the clear blue 
Clear through it. 


  1. Sometimes words are not born until their time has come, and the time for a word that accounts for the fact that everything is identical to itself and nothing is ever identical to anything else except itself... is right now.

    This is definitely going to be my word of the day, nay, the only word I shall dare utter in any of the days that remain to me.

    Except, that is, for the words "Extremely cool poem, Vassilis!"

  2. lots of 'play' skipping through this one:
    opening with "ending"
    and ending with "leaping"
    far beyond it s "Nothinglikeness."

  3. Now there's a portal to be passing through.

    "Extremely cool" catches it or as we used to say round these parts, "top hole!".

  4. Syncopated thoughtfeeling, Vassilis—the elation that draws us on. Lowell said it, about Racine being "drawn through his maze of iron composition / by the incomparable wandering voice of Phèdre." But you don't have much truck with iron composition. These things come to you like water to a tree—a plane tree, I imagine—root to trunk to branch to leaf ... and into the open air....

  5. Friends, you have been more than generous with your comments and I thank you; I have to admit though that I’m often taken aback by such responses, especially when they are about a poem I feel ambivalent about—this one, for example. BTW, this feeling of ambivalence increases with every poem I write. Perhaps one cure would be to write nothing more than fewer poems about poems/poetry with a commensurate decrease in the use of “I”.

  6. ry the third person for awhile.... it'll open up new vistas / possibilities
    then, some time down the road
    return to that first person, singular, and then just
    go along for the ride?

    maybe even don't differentiate between either the subject "I"
    or the object "I"

    am doing this with/to ARS POETIC HER and it is effectively reducing my mind-c;utter
    and other obscurations... still not great poetry, but, what is ?

  7. Tom, don't mention it..... especially to anybody listening to this public discussion... however: emailsor letters are an whole 'nother thing

    that "c;utter" should have unconditionally been "clutter"... I should have googled how to spell it.

    and, blue is a nice color ... like the blue sky over the blue Aegean is a bit hackneyed ?

  8. Ed,
    You might be right about blue being just a tad bit hackneyed but you and I and perhaps Tom and thousands of others lucky enough to have lived or visited this place know that there is nothing hackneyed about spending your days doing “nothing” between the blue sky and the blue Aegean.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Well, it's a darn good thing Mr. Ed "I was only joshing" got back from the hairdressers in time to let us know that We Know Nothing!

    We don't even know the colours of our own bodies... of water!!

    But Jeez, Ed, hold on just a minute old fella, wasn't it Google who coloured the Aegean??

    And so it is that Monsieur now-you-see-him-now-you-don't-catch-me-if-you-can-I'm-about-to-delete-my-latest-embarrassment-before-I do-my-carefully-cultivated-internet-mystique-irreparable-harm-so-delete-me now!! has vanished once more, like, well... himself!!

    Except with worse hair!!!!

  11. We've a google blue sky over here in Blighty. The authorities are doing what they can to contain the panic but to no avail.

  12. Haha.......must be the Aegean being sucked into the heavens and drifting north. Tell the men in charge not to worry--soon it will be raining dolphins.

  13. When it rains on google it rains google rain, and when it pours it pours dancing dolphins.


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