Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ravenous Wakeup Call

Cawing their raucous version 
Of Come and get it! 
The early risers are up 
On the utility lines opposite 
The pigeons cowering 
In their cubbyholes, keeping 
A keen eye out for any unfledged 
Chicks itching for a fling, surely these 
Lovey-dovey gentlemen callers are 
Crooning in the sweet by-and-by, 
There’s always one rash enough to try. 


  1. I'd have to own up to a love of all corvids. A good thing to be reminded of the short work they make of those "chicks itching for a fling".

  2. We all love the noisy attentions of a crow.

    What is it they say?

    "Chicks dig it".

  3. If Ted Hughes were still alive, I'm sure he'd have something to add to this comment stream; meanwhile, true to both their natures, the guys and dolls are back at it again this morning.

  4. Curious coincidence, Vassilis, I'd just been looking back upon some rather serious crows (no larking-about, thank you very much) from that neck of the woods & fields which were once the squinty-eyed kid's stamping-grounds:

    Edward Dorn: Notes from the Fields: an Exaltation of Larks, a Murder of Crows

    ...That, in relation to a "city-sketch" from the same period, nearby locale, the carrion-birds this time wingless:

    Edward Dorn: 1st Avenue


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