Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gossamer Rain


These almost invisible 
Filaments of liquid 

Light, so finespun 
You see only while 

The sun spins away. 


  1. filaments ... finespun ... sun spins ....

    What an ear you have, Vassilis! I would call it Sapphic if I wouldn't be misunderstood—but you know what I mean. Wonderful....

  2. A poem as delicate and as lovely as the fleeting moment that escapes back into the flow even as it is (almost!) captured...

  3. The fragility and beauty of this small poem sent me back to:

    "One's very breath while leaning over these pages is held for fear of blowing this line away -- as easily as the gentlest breeze Robs dandelions of their fleecy Crowns"

    J Keats, marginal annotation in Folio edition of Troilus & Cressida, I.ii. 316-20

  4. Wonderful poem. The title in itself is exquisite. And those delicate runs of rhymes...

  5. Odd how a morning walk under a hide-and-seek sun can end up revealing you a phrase which you try not to forget and which you embellish over and over in your mind until you finally get back home to your notebook and try to capture its essence one more time; in this instance, it was “filaments of liquid light”.

    Thanks to all for walking through this one with me, a walk all the more pleasant, complemented as it is by your generous comments.


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