Sunday, June 17, 2012

Commodity's Future's Latest Release, "Crawl, Multiply and Prosper"

Okay, all you earthy worms, let’s hit it— 
With a one and a two and a three 

In every nook and cranny 
Of our fertile little acre— 

No need to blow your horn to see— 
Bushels of rotten apples falling, 
The likes of you and me. 


  1. well:
    don't forget to vote today....

    you jus might bite into one of those
    past-ripened apples and find
    half a Lowly Worm still wiggling ...

    then what ? Throw up ?

  2. And worse, when we hit the ground, there's not much bounce left these days.

    The dull plop, just.

    But then, sprinkle in the chemical additives, and presto!

    Rotten applesauce. Almost like the real thing.

  3. Well, Ed--I exercised my constitutional rights and voted yesterday--now if those aliens responsible for sending us to Outer Space can get together and form some sort of viable government, I can put off biting into that apple until my time comes to blast off.


    Now I know why I never liked applesauce!


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