Monday, April 9, 2012

Brainstorm after Dry Spell

Mind’s eye spies gusher in olives 
After cleansing rain leaves oil slick.


  1. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog sir. You have a nice blog here!

  2. Thanks, Keith, good of you to stop by and say so.

  3. I think I have finally understood the poem, Vassilis. Thank you.

    Having spent a lifetime in the small hill towns, I had heard of but never eaten/seen an olive -- until last year when in Delhi the counter man at 'Subway' asked me if I would like to have olives. Its been a year now and I still have not been able to decide if I would like to have olives.

  4. Good to see you kept with this poem until you understood it; now all you have to do is make up your mind about eating olives--believe me, they are delicious--just like your poems.


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