Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ceremony of Succesion

Before the celebrated 
Rape scene, Mammon dressed 

As a swan, proceeds 
To preen his feathers 

Before offering all 
His overweening pride 

To his coming, 
Gilded offspring— 

Let us toast the occasion. 


  1. E'en the most preening and o'erweening must one day come to a Fall. Slip on a loose feather, and oops! Enter the Bride of the Swan of Mammon!

  2. Just then the groom swooned when he saw he'd laid an egg.

  3. I think Arnold Schwarznegger also did that, in a silly movie called Junior (filmed at the Genetics labs here, by the by, talk about mutants!). In that case the significant scientist/other was Emma Thompson. But with our Bjork... could the Missuz have been Zeus?!


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