Friday, October 17, 2008

Regimen against Ennui

I know this sounds trite but

Before you call it just
Another day,

Leave two galvanized
Pails full of water

Under the stars,
Then hit the hay.


Get up

At the crack of dawn,
Go straightaway out


As you watch the stars
Being washed away,

Empty the pails in turn over
Your still numb stark-naked body.

You are now clearly
And fully ready

To greet a brand-new day.

Thanks to William Michaelian for linking to my blog, for his never-failing daily posts which help to make my day, and for his helping me with html tags.


  1. What a pleasant surprise! And thank you.

    Now, why does this lovely poem remind me of Zorba?

  2. Maybe because it reminds you of the way Zorba captures the essence of each day--with unbridled zest--while the vast sleeping majority lets it slip away!

  3. So many inspiring scenes in that book. I’m finding that same, stone-ancient, clear-eyed wisdom here, in your poems. Crepuscular is another gem.

    “Your pulse is being taken
    By twilight again.”

    Wonderful . . .


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