Saturday, May 22, 2021

Betcha Haven't Heard This One

In reply 
To the butcher’s 
Question about how 
Much lamb to cut, 
The village 
Priest raised his 
Pudgy right 
Hand high, as if getting 
Ready to bring an imaginary 
Cleaver down 
To halve that fantastic 
Looking carcass hanging up- 
Side down 
In front of him, 
When he was cut 
Short at the apex 
By the first peal 
Of lugubrious church 
Bells prompting him 
To blurt out—“Oops, 
In that case, let’s go 
Whole hog with it,” 
As he followed through with his 
Stroke of good luck
In one deliciously executed 
Priceless swoop. 

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