Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Know Thyself, Brother

Knowing silence waits 

For the busy man to drop everything
And join it, 

But the busy man has other things 
On his mind and does not 

Know it. 


  1. Ah, what is that "it" at the end?

    Is the reader too busy to figure "it" out, in and out of silence?

    Are we all brothers (and are brothers sisters)?

    Is silence a "thing" like the other "things" "on" the mind? Is silence "on" a mind?

    This poem seems a declaration, but silently asks more questions than I've mentioned.

    The "Thyself" in the title is evocative, old-fashioned and calling to mind the Biblical "Physician, heal thyself" and Socrates, while the "Brother" also evokes a variety of associations.

    In short, this short poem "about" silence may lead a reader in many directions, none of which seem busy. The reader can join the poem and instead of dropping everything, gather meanings in quiet contemplation.

  2. In short, I am struck dumb by all your telling questions and can only nod my head in silent acquiescence. :)


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