Thursday, November 1, 2018

Never Enough Food For Thought

--for all caregivers, everywhere 

Watching Eleni feeding 
My mother-in-law who doesn’t 
Know where she is, who’s feeding her 
Or what it is she’s eating anymore, I can't help
But wonder at her painstaking patience, 

As she tenderly puts back into that mouth 
That once lulled her to sleep, nourishment 
That keeps wanting to trickle down 
Those spent octogenarian cheeks, much 
Like her mother was wont to do when 

One after another, she found herself 
With six hungry young mouths to feed, 
And where no one ever forgot that 
Never having enough food was always 
More than just a thought. 


  1. A touching tribute to Eleni, her mother, and all loving caretakers.

  2. Thanks a lot, John; I only wish Eleni's mother was like you remember she was, thus making the writing of this poem unnecessary.


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