Friday, November 3, 2017

Huuklyeand Cinquor On Cheapskate Curmudgeon Caught Soaking Dentures In Half-Empty Water Glass

I gather 
It’s a chore your 
Not thinking of anything 
Else so what 
You most likely attend to 
As you contemplate 
Your sunken cheeks 
In your chintzy 
Bathroom mirror is what 
You should’ve sunk 
Your teeth in all 
These years 
But didn’t. 

Moderator's comment: Grrr. . . .if there’s but one iota of a chance my alter ego is spreading false—aka “fake”—news about his better half of a cur, I can assure him this mutt’s teeth are real.


  1. Thank you, Jonathan; in a more serious vein, I think you'll agree that facing as we do an ever-increasing world of fake news, we have to choose between grimacing and bearing it or sinking our teeth into it hard enough to put it down.


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