Monday, January 16, 2017

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Why Poets Should Always Carry Notepads

Yes, yes—I know you think 
You’re a poet but 

Have you never thought 
You’re a poet only 
When writing and not 
Ballyhooing in a cage before 
The likes of John Q. Public 
Like a monkey in a zoo? 

If not, please note such 
Knowledge helps you 
Keep your mind composed, 
Off the subject and not 

Going bananas if you do. 

Moderator’s comments: Hey, Huuk--no use going apeshit when all around you 'monkey see, monkey do'—write a lyric that’ll send ‘em back to the zoo.


  1. Huuk seems to be ... moderating? I like this uncharacteristic tone of affection. Like a banana, he has a peel....

  2. More like an onion, Joseph, one skin at a time, and believe it or not, this new "tone of affection" actually brings tears to my eyes.


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