Friday, December 23, 2016

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Transcending a Rat Race Mentality

Forget about that “better” mouse trap— 
Even if you should 
Wake to find the trodden 
Masses beating a path to your door,

Better you turn turncoat and get out 
Of the rat race rather than looking 
Down and thinking twice 
Too many poor dead 

Vermin already infesting the floor. 

Moderator’s comments: First off, Huuk’s “baneful” attack against one of the scourges of contemporary society i.e. the “rat race,” is diluted by too much reliance on mousy soporific bromides; secondly, where “a shrill piping of plenty” is clearly called for, he gives us an overdose of black-humored trumpery; finally, one wonders if it isn’t time for him to seriously consider retiring from the poetry wars and expend what’s left of his Parnassian energy on something more constructive, say like swatting gadflies that are always bugging our flying white horse Pegasus whenever it touches down to quench its thirst at the sacred Pierian watering hole.


  1. Good to see Huuk back at it with a vengeance. Just one nit to pick: It's "baleful," not "baneful," isn't it? I know, I know—everybody's a critic....

  2. Thanks for checking in to see Huuk's latest effort and for your "nitpicking" but I'm afraid I have to nitpick back: the two words in question are almost interchangeable synonyms--I chose "baneful" because its root is closer in meaning to something causing misery or death (bane) whereas "bale" means something very different. In the meantime, you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Creative New Year,in spite of Trump and his baneful,marauding band of bandits.


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