Friday, September 9, 2016

Narcissist on the Shores of Lake Placid

Smoothie, spill but

One drop of oil on
To the surface

And watch it
Disperse it

Self in the firmament. 



  1. Do I detect a whiff of a Seferis haiku? But no. His has the fragrance of wine or ink, not oil.... ;-)

  2. Your olfactory perception is equal to your poetic one, my friend; this so happens to be part of a series of small poems I'm currently sniffing out to see if they can cut the mustard and thus make the cut for the varsity; it doesn't look too promising for most of them, primarily because yours truly is still a second-string player while our mutual friend Seferis was and still remains top-notch. I guess it's back to the smelling-salts mines until I come to my senses. Sniff, sniff and sigh. :-(


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