Saturday, August 6, 2016

Crepuscular Crescent Moon over Hellas

appearing dark 
orange out of the blue 
so to speak and low 
on the horizon 
and hightailing it 

lickety-split be- 
hind a jagged 
bank of even 
darker blue 
mountains till 

all that’s left is 
a slivery tongue 
of blood red fire 
that’s done with 
licking its wounds. 


  1. I keep reading you, my friend, even though you inspire the greenest (about the shade of avocado skin) envy! There is something about this kind of precision, the painterly shadings and musical unfolding that takes my breath away and releases it somewhere inside the brain pan. It's well worth dancing with the green-eyed monster....

  2. I'm honored to see you keep reading me, my friend--now, (once again echoing what Michaux said to Seferis on their first and only meeting many, many years ago) all I need are two more people who really, really read me and I can call myself a poet.


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