Monday, July 4, 2016

Adieu to Fancy, My Little Pigeon

So long as the eagle- 
Eyed crow flies 
Straight to the bloody 
Heart of the matter, 
One thing is clear, 
Dear—that lovey-dovey 
Pair of ash-grey neophyte 
Doves preening on 
The edge 
Of that buckling, 
Pale red-tiled roof 
Of the derelict, 
Decaying house 
Across the street 
Cooing you-ah-you 
Won’t be preening 
There for long. 


  1. Oh, my friend, what you do with a sent(i)ence! Lorine N's doves visit me too some summer mornings....

  2. Thanks for stopping over, Joseph; nice to be in like company when paying homage to Lorine and her doves.


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